Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday blissful Sunday

I am sore and happy after my first training session yesterday morning, I have some formidable bruises on my knees due to my bad choice in kneepads but I learned my first valuable Derby lesson - don't succumb to your vanity and spend a small fortune on good skates and then be a cheapskate and scrimp on protection! Despite my poor knees taking the brunt of my mistakes I had more fun than I've had in a long time and met some really cool girls, I can't wait for next week. Finally, I sport I enjoy and that gets me active, social and away from my bookshelf a little. Derby is my new love.

Today we went on the motorbike to The Spaniards in Hamstead Heath for a pint and to read the sunday papers (a change to our usual Ace Cafe sunday tradition)... such a beautiful pub and great for people and dog watching... in fact they actively encourage their doggy patrons with a dog wash and handmade gourmet dog biscuits at £5 a pop! After returning home and my boyfriend making us a lovely lunch, I have just sat down to listen to The Books (I highly recommend them as reading listening and not just because of the name) and finish Room. Overall an utterly blissful weekend.

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